November, 17, 2009
New sites using MayGill-cms: (in Dutch) : a division of Pandava (in Dutch) : Sabine Dingemans, is Miss Maxi Antwerp 2009. On the 19th of December 2009, she will try to win the title Miss Maxi Belgium 2009.
November, 16, 2009
MayGill-cms 0.09 : some small improvements.
September, 25, 2008
MayGill-cms 0.08 : new plugins written.
January, 4, 2007
MayGill-cms 0.07 : support for Tagged Message Delivery Agent (TMDA).
August, 19, 2006
MayGill-cms 0.06 : moved some methods to, so these can also be used by some other projects.
June, 2005
Although it has been very quite the last 5 months, a lot has happened. First of all, we put Linux on the desktop at Pandava, where I work, and spend the most of my time. Almost all windows computers are away now (except one for electronic banking) and I'm very satisfied about this, not the least because I need to solve all IT problems. It's making life a lot easier on that subject.
The reason we waited so long with this move to Linux, is because the ERP software used is written (by myself) in an (in the meanwhile) archaic language. But we found a solution to run the old ERP software on Linux. So, the move from windows to Linux on all desktops is completed with success.
This means I'm now working on a complete rewrite of our ERP software, more info will follow.
Februari, 22 2005
OOBuilder 0.08: Windows support added.
December, 29 2004
MayGill-cms is from now on also used on
December, 19 2004
MayGill-cms 0.05 : added sort-id to be able to change the sort order after a node has been created, starting to integrate workflow, todo list per node added, handling revisions, MayGill link tag updated, language support: different fixes, security update in administration
December, 1 2004
MayGill-cms 0.04 : HTML Character conversion integrated. Data is saved in the database to HTML characters, but converted to the appropriate encoding when displayed on a form. When new data is submitted through a form, following the encoding from the form, data is again converted to HTML characters to be saved in the database.
November, 20 2004
MayGill-cms 0.03 : Nested menu's added, multi language support added, starting to integrate revisions (version control), embedded handlers integrated
November, 11 2004
OOBuilder 0.07 minor fix: right-align works again.
September, 15 2004
BitsMarket pages added: The complete e-shopping system.
September, 10 2004
MayGill-cms 0.02 : Support for plugins added. Added a plugin for handling forms that need to be mailed, of course completely customisable through xml config per node/form. Multiple virtual hosts support added.
August, 24 2004
MayGill-cms 0.01 : basic system has been finished. Not yet a lot of features, but enough to start using it on
August, 10 2004
Because setting up a new site, and more importantly keeping it up to date is a lot of work, I searched for a content management system. But I didn't find one with the specifications I wanted. So, I started to write my own... MayGill-cms is born ! The idea is that it can also be accessed through BitsMarket, and that it will be the basis for a few other projects I want to start.
August, 08 2004
OOBuilder pages added: Perl OO interface for creating OpenOffice documents.
August, 05 2004
Site launched.